In an urban environment of brick and concrete facades, the Battery is a gateway to another world. A new creative center in the heart of Södermalm.
”Follow the white rabbit”.

Outside Batteriet’s entrance is the restaurant’s vibrant outdoor dining area, and directly inside the building you are met by the colorful reception.

Perhaps Stockholm’s coolest courtyard hides between the houses, and at the top you can look out over the rooftops from Batteriet’s rooftop bar.

Concept The battery

“You had me at hello!”

In the conceptualization of the Battery, the focus has been on creating a boundary-crossing building that inspires and stimulates, but also has places for recovery and recharging. The vision is an electrified meeting place that strengthens corporate cultures and makes you look forward to work. The battery is a creative hub charged with energy.

Just like in a battery, the basis of the concept is the two poles that contrast each other, in everything from graphic design to physical constructions. Plus and minus, hot and cold, controlled and unbridled, free flowing and friction. Energy occurs when these elements meet. Concept The battery is about igniting that spark.


”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

The battery is more than a workplace. The house’s Gaming Lounge has everything you need to clear your head, gain new perspectives and strengthen collaborations and relationships. As small peaceful oases, there are also demarcated seating areas where daylight shines down between plants from the light lanterns on the roof. If you would rather lift weights than use game controllers, there is also a large and well-equipped gym downstairs. There you will also find the Battery’s VR room, which can be booked for workshops and presentations.

The courtyard

”Toto, I’ve got a feeling that we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Hidden inside Batteriet’s brick walls is perhaps Stockholm’s coolest courtyard. An imaginative place filled with plants and installations. Here there are spaces for both work and relaxation. The innovative Battery Cells, like glazed igloos in the yard, open up for year-round outdoor meetings. And at the large bar with its outdoor seating, the working day can turn into an after work under the night sky.
One of the tenants has own access to 120 square meters in the courtyard, with social areas, ping pong table, battery cell for meetings, and lounge environment.

The property


l and with the construction of the Battery, the focus has been on improving and developing the positive aspects of the original architecture, such as the modular structure and the functional design. In this way, the Battery is a building that remains flexible for the future.
The property also has a BREEAM Very Good certification.


At the Battery’s reception, there is a concierge service where you can get help with everything from solving everyday tasks such as leaving the jacket for dry cleaning or having flowers delivered, to booking the conference facility. Don’t hesitate to ask, we can help with most things.


The battery naturally offers coffee and coffee for internal meetings, but also cooked food from the restaurant. If supper is desired, this can easily be ordered directly to the offices.


“I feel the need – the need for speed.”

Wherever you are, it doesn’t take long to get to the Battery. On the other side of the street from the house’s entrance is the subway exit Mariatorget ; only one station from Slussen where public transport connects all of Stockholm. If you take the car, there is a large parking garage in the house, which of course has charging boxes! And you can park the bike in the Battery’s bike garage with over 140 spaces.



”I’m the king of the world!”

At the top of the building with a view of the rooftops of Södermalm is Batteriet’s rooftop bar. Open all year round with both terrace and glazed parts. Perfect for both after work and meetings, and of course you have the option to book larger parts if you want to hold a customer presentation in front of a slightly more powerful backdrop.

Celeste Logotyp

Celeste is run, among other things, by Jonas Lagerström – one of the creators of the one-star Michelin restaurant Etoile in Vasastan.

Celeste is an intimate star restaurant with 16 seats that also has a strong focus on innovative and tasty cocktails. The ambition for the dining experience is high with a playful, international taste profile where the seasons are woven into the menu, while at the same time the style is unpretentious and light.

The menu consists of about ten dishes as well as à la carte, which can also be ordered from the large cocktail bar out on the terrace with views in three directions. “We exist to disprove that fine dining is dead. That’s why we do this,” says Jonas Lagerström.

Click here to go to Celeste’s website.

Click here to download food reviews from DN & DI.

Stella & Ish Logotype

Restaurant Stella and ISH are located on the ground floor next to the reception. Two separate concepts, where Stella serves pizza with inspiration from the traditional Swedish pizza and ISH offers breakfast and lunch all day with a focus on raw ingredients and good coffee.

The new restaurant area can accommodate a total of approx. 250 guests and offers outdoor seating on both Torkel Knutssonsgatan and in the building’s courtyard.

Click here to go to Ish’s website.

Click here to get to Stella’s website.


The battery’s newly renovated conference facility is equipped with state-of-the-art monitors and sound bars with conference rooms adapted for both physical meetings and online meetings. The auditorium is equipped with audio and video systems designed for larger meetings and lectures. The auditorium can also be connected with the two adjacent conference rooms for greater capacity with up to 100 participants.

You also have the option of booking the house’s VR & Gaming lounge. These are equipped with Oculus Quest 2, Playstation 5, table tennis and foosball. If no reservation is made, all tenants are free to use the rooms.

In the courtyard there are also 3 bookable igloos for between 6–10 people that can be booked for meetings, conferences or afterworks.

Food & drinks
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Our conference rooms

Room 1 (The auditorium)
Capacity: 67 people
7 500 kr / 2 h
10 000 kr / half day
15 000 kr / full day

Room 2
Capacity: 8 people
1 600 kr / 2 h
2 200 kr / half day
4 000 kr / full day

Room 3
Capacity: 10 people
2 000 kr / 2 h
2 750 kr / half day
5 000 kr / full day

Room 1–3 combined
Capacity: 100 people
8 000 kr / 2 h
16 000 kr / half day
24 000 kr / full day

Room 4
Capacity: 12 people
2 400 kr / 2 h
3 300 kr / half day
6 000 kr / full day

Room 5 (VR & Gaming)
Capacity: –
1 600 kr / 2 h
2 200 kr / half day
4 000 kr / full day

Gaming Lounge
Capacity: –
1 600 kr / 2 h
2 200 kr / half day
4 000 kr / full day

Igloo 1–2
Capacity: 8–10 people
1 600 kr / 2 h
2 200 kr / half day
4 000 kr / full day

Igloo 3
Capacity: 6–8 people
1 400 kr / 2 h
2 200 kr / half day
4 000 kr / full day

Entire conference
Capacity: 100+ people
10 400 kr / 2 h
19 300 kr / half day
30 000 kr / full day

Entire gaming (Gaming Lounge & Room 5)
Capacity: –
3 200 kr / 2 h
4 400 kr / half day
8 000 kr / full day

Entire conference & gaming area
Capacity: 100+ people
13 600 kr / 2 h
23 700 kr / half day
38 000 kr / full day

Available Premises

”I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

In Battery, we have developed a completely new way of planning office spaces ; The Utilitarian Super-Core. The functions that are not as light dependent are placed in a core in the middle of the room. In this way, we get bright offices where workplaces and meeting areas are located by the large windows and daylight. The offices generally have great adaptation possibilities, where some floors can even be built together with internal stairs.


The color palette is bright and warm with natural material tones and finishes. The material combination has a variety of textures, porosity and tactile properties. The impression is strong but neutral, to serve as a background for future tenants’ own profile colors.

Floor plans

Leasing agent

Nina De Besche
Tel: +46 733 498 720

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